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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Share Your Story

You're a survivor and you have something to say. Living Cult Free wants to hear it -- and share it -- because your story matters. We want to hear how you went from a life of coercion to a life that is your own. A life in which you are no longer surviving but moving towards thriving.

When we share our stories, our compassion grows. We discover that we are not alone. We learn that coercive control, undue influence, and narcissistic abuse are far more common than most realize. We prevent future abuse by pointing out red flags. We support survivor recovery by showcasing the resources that help us heal. Most importantly, we signal others that our hurt doesn't define us. Survivors can and do thrive. We can all live cult-free.

It's important that you feel safe when sharing your story. When you're ready, click here to read our guidelines and share your story.

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