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Esther Friedman

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Esther Friedman is a licensed mental health counselor, expressive art therapist, singer, songwriter, performer, ex-cult member, and author of the memoir, manual, and self-empowerment guide, The Gentle Souls Revolution: A Secret Cult, an Open Rebellion, and Lessons in Protecting and Honoring Your Gentle Soul. She has been an advisory council member for the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) since 2017. Her current passion project is the trio, The Secret Sauce, with musical artists Jackie Damsky and Janet Feld. Visit the Gentle Souls Revolution for more information. You can also find Esther in Psychology Today.

Check out Esther's interview on the A Little Bit Culty podcast where she discusses her time in a mom-and-pop cult called "School" (at the time) and how, according to pod hosts Sarah Edmonson and Anthony "Nippy" Ames, she's "healing now by helping other souls navigate a culty, culty world." Huge thanks to ALBC's Sarah and Nippy for the opportunity! 

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