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Gerette Buglion is an educator, author, and spokesperson for survivors. A teacher and small business owner, Gerette joined a high control group and stayed for 18 years. After leaving, she found herself grappling with the dynamics that all survivors face: how did this happen? Why me? How do I prevent others from making the same mistakes? She has dedicated her life to answering these questions and supporting survivors' journeys. 

In 2021, Gerette published An Everyday Cult, which weaves her personal experiences with insight from recognized cultic phenomena, with a foreword by Sarah Edmonson, the survivor at the heart of the HBO series The Vow about the NXIVM cult. A tireless advocate for storytelling and the importance of art in healing and recovery, in 2023 Gerette published  Writing to Reckon Journal: For Survivors of Spiritual, Religious, and Cultic Abuse, which offers survivors an educational and supportive space to process their experiences as well as a guidebook for writing their stories.

Gerette offers personal retreats, consultations, workshops, and speaking engagements through her independent business, Writing to Reckon.

Gerette is a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, and founder of Living Cult Free.

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