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Shelly Snow Pordea

Shelly Snow Pordea

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Shelly Snow Pordea is renowned as a speaker, publishing consultant, and author of the captivating Tracing Time trilogy. This trilogy, a compelling narrative of women navigating the complexities of life while endeavoring to protect themselves and their loved ones, has consistently ranked among the top one hundred Time Travel Romance books on Amazon Kindle, attesting to its widespread popularity.

In addition to her success in fiction, Shelly has ventured into the realm of children's literature with her debut book, The Hug Who Had No Arms, an instant #1 bestseller on Amazon. Crafted during the pandemic to address the challenges of social distancing, this heartwarming tale encourages families to embrace unique differences and express love in diverse ways. Shelly's commitment to inclusivity is evident in the multilingual versions of the book, currently available in Romanian, Persian, and Spanish, reflecting her dedication to reaching a global audience.

Beyond her literary achievements, Shelly is a courageous advocate for survivors of spiritual, sexual, and institutional abuse. Drawing from her own experiences as a cult survivor and victim of childhood sexual abuse, she utilizes the power of storytelling to effect change.


As a screenwriter, Shelly collaborates with her brother, talented actor Jon Snow, in the production of a fictional adaptation for a series drama based on their personal story to shed light on coercive control and manipulation while amplifying the voices of those who have faced similar challenges.

In her upcoming novel, Shelly explores the American patriarchal culture and its treatment of women, weaving together insights from her experiences both in cult and mainstream megachurch settings. Titled The Cheating Wife, this novel promises a thought-provoking narrative that delves into societal norms and challenges prevailing views.

As a publishing expert, Shelly offers online courses for the self-starter, as well as consulting services for small businesses, nonprofits, and corporations. Beyond her professional pursuits, Shelly is a dedicated mother to three incredible adults, loving wife to her favorite guy, George, for nearly three decades, and Buni (boo-nee) to one enchanting, magical granddaughter. She invites you to join her journey on social media, where she shares her insights and creative endeavors. Follow her @shellysnowpordea for a glimpse into the world of a multifaceted storyteller and advocate.

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