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Vanessa Hennessey

Podcast Producer


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Vanessa Hennessey is a seasoned podcast producer, communications professional, and podcast co-host renowned for her expertise in creating captivating audio content. With a track record of success, Vanessa has propelled podcasts to millions of downloads.


Notably, Vanessa served as the co-host and co-producer of the longest-running (at the time) X-Files podcast, aptly titled "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast," from 2015-2022. Through her passion for storytelling and keen understanding of audience engagement, she brought depth and entertainment to discussions surrounding the "cult" TV series.


Vanessa has produced podcasts for many clients since 2016, including Youth Dispatches: Our Earth on Spotify, Pod People, Balance365, Get Discovered with Monika Social, Shamelessly Feminine with Jen Rozenbaum, and more. In the past, Vanessa joined a couple of spiritual high control groups but noticed the red flags early enough to get out. She also grew up in an area of Colorado that has been home to countless questionable new religious movements. In addition, she has personally seen too many friends and family members struggle after joining multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations.


By working with Living Cult Free as the podcast producer, Vanessa hopes to cover the experiences of cult survivors in a new way, by giving them space to tell their stories, on their own terms, in their own voices, instead of focusing on the leaders who have gotten too much attention in media as it is.

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