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Nikki Kattamuri



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Nikki Kattamuri is a graduate student studying Public Administration. Previously, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Nikki's goals are to spread the word about human trafficking and cults and how easy it is to fall victim to these without the proper knowledge.


Nikki has found her passion in social justice advocacy work, aided by books like Crazy Love by Leslie Morgan Steiner, documentaries like The Vow about the NXIVM cult, podcasts like A Little Bit Culty and Inside of You, and various research including child abuse in households where domestic violence is prevalent, and human trafficking and its relation to the sex industry and cryptocurrency. 


Nikki also works for Denimrush, a CPG lifestyle brand agency that turns everyday items into an experience. As Denimrush's HR administrator, she finds interns who share the same passion and want to help people find items with meaning and value. 


In her free time, Nikki likes to watch TV, read books, listen to music and podcasts, and learn new languages. Currently, she speaks three languages fluently and is learning three more. Nikki graduates in April 2024. 

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